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Cain and Lauren

I met Cain and Lauren down at the beach through a mutual friend. They were interested in me photographing them for an engagement session. I had recently spotted an old building in somewhat of a "rough neighborhood." As rough as the beach would allow. I did not know them but I hoped they'd go for a few in front of the building. Well, they agreed and we took many beautiful photographs that day and also got a history lesson from a local. You can imagine my excitement when they asked me to capture their wedding. I knew the photos would'nt dissapoint. These are good looking kids who show affection easily. A photographer's dream. I have had more people compliment their photos, both sessions, than any other session i'd say.  Thanks for choosing me to be your wedding photographer.

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Ceremony Location: Mexico Beach, Florida    http://mexicobeach.com/weddings/

Reception: The Port Inn/Thirsty Goat   http://portinnfl.com/thirsty-goat-lounge/

Wedding Coordinator: Lynn Marshall

Hair: Angela Hooper

Dress: Lowes Bridal    https://www.lowsbridal.com

Photographer: Kaila Bruner   https://www.kailabruner.com